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Housing Models for an Ageing Population

This report outlines the implications of an ageing population in the City of Onkaparinga for housing demand.

The causes of homelessness in later life: Findings from a 3-nation study

Homelessness is an intractable problem in many affluent countries and affects people of all ages, although much research and service provision have concentrated on young adults.

Changes in the living arrangements of elderly people in Greece: 1974-1999

During the period 1974-1999 the percentage of elderly living with their children in Greece reduced from 55 per cent to about 32 per cent. In this paper we examine determinants of the decrease in intergenerational co-residence among Greek elderly people and their adult children and its implications for economic well-being.

An Overlooked Option in Caring for the Elderly: A report on sheltered and group housing provided by housing associations in Ireland

It is generally recognised that housing and care options for the elderly in Ireland are limited. This study comprises analysis of both group housing schemes for relatively active elderly as well as sheltered housing for those older people who require more intensive care and supports to assist them to live independently.

Co-housing for older people: Housing innovation in the Netherlands and Denmark

Provides a history of co-housing in The Netherlands and Denmark and its particular relevance to older people as a housing option.

Dimensions of the Meaning of Home in Later Life

The meaning of home in later life provides a perfect example of how strongly "objective" contextual factors and "subjective" representations are linked as people age. Although a considerable body of research has been published on the meaning of home among elders, the literature is still plagued by pronounced conceptual and empirical diversity.

Coming of age: opportunities for older people under Supporting People

This UK report examines the challenges and proposes cost-effective solutions for Supporting People commissioners, their partner agencies and providers to meet the challenge of older homelessness. The report considers the extent of the problem, routes into and out of homelessness and offers creative solutions.

Challenges of cross-national housing research with older persons: lessons from the ENABLE-AGE project

This article discusses the cross-national project Enabling Autonomy, Participation, and Well-Being in Old Age: The Home Environment as a Determinant for Healthy Ageing. Cross-national, interdisciplinary research always entails challenges, while those involving person-environment research have not yet been reported much in the literature.

Sustainable, age-friendly housing

One of the important aspects of gerontechnology is the study of technology and ageing to ensure independent living remains possible in spite of the inevitable decline that comes with ageing.