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Roadmap provides solutions for older women's homelessness

More can be done to ensure the aged care system meets its responsibility for older women experiencing or at risk of homelessness, according to new research backed by providers in the housing, homelessness and aged care sectors. The research highlights the rapid increase in older women experiencing and at risk of homelessness and found that the implementation of aged care service information, asse

We Need to Talk About The Rising Tragedy of Homeless Elderly People

The rising number of low-income and homeless elderly people being locked out of aged care is one that needs urgent attention, writes Andrew Cairns, CEO of Community Sector Banking.

Ageing in South Australia 2016

This report examines the attitudes, expectations and strategies of agencies working in aged care in South Australia in 2016.

The Head, The Heart & The House: Health, Care and Quality of Life

Around 2.8 million Australians tuned in to Channel 9 in mid-October 2014 to watch the auc on of The Block, the most recent instalment of the hit property renova on show. The highest-ra ng reality TV show in Australia documented in painful detail the shock and dismay of the Block par cipants as their apartments were sold at auc on.We are a na on mesmerised by housing and home improvement.

Muslims in Australia and their aged care needs: An exploratory study with special reference to South Australia

The Report “MUSLIMS IN AUSTRALIA AND THEIR AGED CARE NEEDS: AN EXPLORATORY STUDY WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO SOUTH AUSTRALIA” was prepared for the Islamic Information Centre of South Australia (IICSA) as an important step toward making aged care in general, and residential care in particular, responsive to the needs of the Muslim community in South Australia.

Work, care, retirement and health: Ageing "agendas"

This review examines existing literature regarding the ageing Australian population, increasing rates of women’s participation in paid work, the care economy and the retirement income system. Australia’s ageing population makes the issue of how men and women approach retirement a pressing public pol icy issue.

National overview of the retirement village sector

The dramatic increase in the number of Australians turning 65 over the next 20 years is now an established demographic fact. Treasury projects a doubling of the seniors’ population by 2 050, with an economically signi fi cant reduction in the ratio of t axpayers to retirees.
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