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Presentations from The National Homelessness Conference, Melbourne 2018

The 2018 National Homelessness Conference, presenting the theme ‘Ending homelessness together’, delivered a wealth of evidence and information on ways to understand, reduce and alleviate homelessness. Over 800 delegates and more than 80 speakers participated across two very full days, exploring the underlying drivers of homelessness and the differing strategies on how best to overcome it.

Older Australia at a glance

Homelessness is a growing problem for older Australians, and will likely continue to increase over time due to an ageing population and declining rates of home ownership among older people. Over the last decade, the number of older homeless people increased by 49%, with the largest changes measured in people aged 65–74 and 55–64.

Diversity in older age: Older homelessness

The characteristics of older homelessness can change rapidly over time and may differ significantly from place to place. This review will focus on older homelessness in England. In England older homelessness is currently on the increase and the number of older street-homeless has doubled in the five years from 2010 to 2015.

On the Edge: the Financial Situation of Older Renters in the Private Rental Market in Sydney

Abstract In this study, based mainly on 17 in‐depth interviews, I explore the financial implications of being an older private renter in Sydney. I illustrate that there are three key factors which determine their degree of financial stress – the actual rent being paid; the degree of support from family members and whether the older renter is living in a single or couple household.

Rethinking the Care Needs of Older Homeless People

Our research project, “Homelessness in Late life: Growing Old on the Streets, in Shelters, and Long-term Care” explores the challenges older homelessness brings for aging societies as a whole and for service providers working in housing, shelter and long-term care. It involves a critical policy analysis; qualitative interviews with service providers and older homeless people; and participant obse

Affordable housing is a problem for older Australians, too

Seniors are often overlooked in discussions of housing affordability. This may be because there is a perception that they have bought, and paid off, their homes. However, housing availability and affordability present significant difficulties for many older people. Contrary to popular belief, many older people are not home owners or choose (or can afford) to live in retirement villages.

Homelessness, Ageing and Dying

There is a lack of definitive information about the exact number of people who are homeless and the nature of the homelessness at any one point in Ireland.

Sheltering Homeless Seniors Literature Review

The papers that make up the literature review are a combination of published research, grey literature, and government documents. Qualitative and quantitative research papers were included. Service provider input was a mixture of both perspectives. The readings arc across a broad range of learning around homeless seniors and their challenges.

The New Homelessness Revisited

The ‘new homelessness’ has drawn sustained attention from scholars over the past three decades. Definitional inconsistencies and data limitations rendered early work during this period largely speculative in nature. Thanks to conceptual, theoretical, and methodological progress, however, the research literature now provides a fuller understanding of homelessness.

Rental housing provision for lower income older Australians

This study is focused on ‘lower-income’, older Australians. Most commonly, lower income households are defined as those falling within the lowest quartile or lowest two quintiles of the population.
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