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'No one wants to be homeless': A glimpse at life on the streets of Tokyo

Being homeless carries a powerful stigma in Japan, where society traditionally places strong importance on self-reliance. The method by which the ministry collects data — local officials patrolling areas during the afternoon and making informal observations — has been criticized as inaccurate.

Older Australia at a glance

Homelessness is a growing problem for older Australians, and will likely continue to increase over time due to an ageing population and declining rates of home ownership among older people. Over the last decade, the number of older homeless people increased by 49%, with the largest changes measured in people aged 65–74 and 55–64.

Presentations from The National Homelessness Conference, Melbourne 2018

The 2018 National Homelessness Conference, presenting the theme ‘Ending homelessness together’, delivered a wealth of evidence and information on ways to understand, reduce and alleviate homelessness. Over 800 delegates and more than 80 speakers participated across two very full days, exploring the underlying drivers of homelessness and the differing strategies on how best to overcome it.

Patterns of Shelter Use Among Men New to Homelessness in Later Life: Duration of Stay and Psychosocial Factors Related to Departure

Few researchers have focused on the trends and typologies of older people who find themselves homeless for the first time in late life. Yet, adults facing homelessness for a first time in older age are reported to have different experiences and service needs than those who are aging in situations of chronic homelessness.

Thousands of over-55s pushed to the front of social housing queue

Seven thousand people at risk of homelessness in Victoria will be moved onto a high-priority waiting list for secure social housing, but on one condition – they must be aged 55 or older. In May the Andrews government gazetted a new social housing category solely for those aged 55 and older

Diversity in older age: Older homelessness

The characteristics of older homelessness can change rapidly over time and may differ significantly from place to place. This review will focus on older homelessness in England. In England older homelessness is currently on the increase and the number of older street-homeless has doubled in the five years from 2010 to 2015.

On the Edge: the Financial Situation of Older Renters in the Private Rental Market in Sydney

In this study, based mainly on 17 in‐depth interviews, I explore the financial implications of being an older private renter in Sydney. I illustrate that there are three key factors which determine their degree of financial stress – the actual rent being paid; the degree of support from family members and whether the older renter is living in a single or couple household.

The New Social Housing Concept in Czech Republic 2015-2025

In October 2015, the Czech Parliament approved the “Social Housing Concept of Czech Republic 2015 – 2025”. This Concept is a document identifying the most significant issues in social housing in Czech Republic and defining the measures that have to be implemented in the next 10 years to achieve the goals set in the field of social housing.

Skid Row, Yokohama: Homelessness and Welfare in Japan

Following the bursting of the bubble economy in Japan at the beginning of the 1990s, demand for casual labor slumped. By the end of the decade, there were so few jobs left that most men had given up the struggle.

Down and out in upscale Japan

A newly released government survey found that Tokyo's homeless population has reached an all-time low. But critics call the survey incomplete and misleading, and yet another effort to look past a population that is contending with growing economic disparity, Homelessness was a problem that was largely unknown until the economic bubble burst in the early 1990s and unemployment rose sharply.
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