Bryan Lipmann

Causes of homelessness among older people in Melbourne, Australia

A comparative study of the causes of new episodes of homelessness among people aged 50 years and over has been undertaken in Australia, the United States and England.

Causes of homelessness among older people

Study objectives: With the aim of increasing the understanding of the reasons for homelessness among people aged 50 years and over, and contributing to the development of prevention practice, a collaborative and comparative study between three nations (England, Australia and the US) was undertaken.

The causes of homelessness in later life: Findings from a 3-nation study

Homelessness is an intractable problem in many affluent countries and affects people of all ages, although much research and service provision have concentrated on young adults.

Homelessness among older people: A comparative study in three countries of prevention and alleviation

This report describes the genesis, design and preliminary findings of a study of the causes of homelessness among newly-homeless older people in England, Australia and the USA. The report concentrates on the Australian findings.

Elderly Homeless Men and Women: Aged Care's Forgotten People

Abstract In spite of Australia having an aged-care system that provides a wide range of residential and community-based, aged-care services to elderly men and women, which are appropriately monitored and audited, homeless people have historically found it difficult or impossible to access those services.
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