Do you think government policies around housing could be improved? Do you want to take action on housing issues affecting older people? Do you have ideas about how housing services could better assist older people? Are you worried about the housing situation of the future?


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Check out our COVID-19 campaign work

We have been working to highlight the impact of inadequate housing for older people on the health crisis we are facing during the COVID19 pandemic.  Housing is a health issue!

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Our Submissions

We often make submissions to Government inquiries and reviews, for example, Parliamentary Inquiries and reviews of legislation.  We use our members stories ,client data and case studies to inform our submissions, which are often developed with our working groups.

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Check our our Federal Election Campaign 2019 

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We are always looking for members keen to take action on issues surrounding housing affordability, access, security and supply.  From loudly rallying on the steps of Parliament to quietly writing a letter to your minister, there is always a way you can contribute to the cause.  

Residential Tenancies Act Reforms

We did it! The rental reforms bill passed thanks to your lobbying!


A huge thank you to members of HAAG's Retirement Accommodation Action Group group, members of the HAAG Committee of Management and the Wantirna Caravan Park Action Group who wrote letters and called MPs and literally helped get the bill through parliament.


During the debate on the RTA Amendment Bill, HAAG and Wantirna Residents Action Group got a mention by Upper House MP Rachel Carling-Jenkings, who had the deciding vote on the matter.  See below for the Hansard quote:

"Dr CARLING-JENKINS (Western Metropolitan) (15:21)  
I want to set out that I appreciate the letter I received from the Wantirna Residents Action Group, who have, in their words, ‘endured emotional, financial and physical stress’ after the closure of the Wantirna Park caravan park. They urged me to support the bill so the owners of homes in remaining residential caravan parks in Victoria do not suffer the same fate as the residents of Wantirna Park.

Then I found a really interesting submission to me from the Housing for the Aged Action Group that I found very informative. I obviously know a lot more about the disability area, but the aged action group was very informative. They said: Over-55s are the fastest growing segment of the Victorian rental market, and these changes —referring to the changes in the bill and in particular to improving security of tenure by removing no-reason notices to vacate and introducing rights to install grab rails and other disability modifications —will help ensure pensioners are able to age in place, preventing premature entry to residential aged care.
I thank them for their submission". 

Keep up to date with the latest on the reforms on the Make Renting Fair website.

For background information on the issue, you can read our media release here

Out of our Hands- Victoria's housing safety net is about to be handed over to private enterprise.

The Victorian government is proposing to sell the land adjoining 9 public housing sites and transfer the management of the public housing properties to private enterprise. This .would increase the pool of public housing stock by just1100 properties and would come at the cost of 9 parcels of prime land that can never again be used for public development. Where will the rest of the public housing we need be built when this land is gone?

On top of the sell-off, the proposal is to transfer the management of the public housing stock to the private sector. We have seen this privatisation slowly happen over the last 16 years. We know that it doesn’t work.

Join the campaign to stop the public housing sell-off

The Retirement Housing Rip Off

Were you shocked by the revelations about Retirement Housing on Four Corners? Sadly, the issues raised are not new, but there is a way forward, we just need your help.

Take Action on Retirement Housing


HAAG has undertaken a number of projects that seek to improve older peoples housing outcomes through better access, increased options and improved services.

Working Groups

HAAG facilitate various meetings where groups of like-minded members work together to form policy submissions, recommendations and inform services working with older people. The lobbying of HAAG working groups has successfully created changes in government policy.


HAAG values any media opportunity that raises awareness of housing issues. We have featured on national TV, have positions on local radio and have featured in various newspapers. We have also produced our own films. HAAG Clients and members are supported to tell their stories when media opportunities arise.


HAAG have contributed to research and policy submissions and written articles and reports on issues that surround housing affordability, access, security and supply. HAAG has also produced several documents designed to assist those seeking affordable, secure housing.

About  HAAG

Housing for the Aged Action Group is a not for profit community group dedicated to improving housing outcomes for older people. As the only organisation of its kind in Australia and with over 30 years experience taking action, HAAG is the voice on housing for older people.

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