Residential parks may be co-located within caravan parks or purpose built and referred to as a residential village, lifestyle village or manufactured home. They have evolved from caravan parks and cater specifically to older people.

Looking like retirement villages, they may have facilities like a community centre, bowling green libraries and even a mini-cinema, although this will vary from village to village.

If you live in a residential park, you will:

  • Own the movable dwelling that you live in, and;
  • Rent/lease the site where the home is located.

Residents are offered leases of varying lengths from month to month, 1 year and up to 99 years.

There are ongoing charges payable and some operators may also charge exit fees.

Residential Parks and Villages are covered by Part 4A of the Residential Tenancies Act 1997

For more information on your rights in Residential Parks and Villages call HAAG's Retirement Housing Advice Service on 9654 7389.


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