Housing for Life: Designed for Living

This Australian report seeks to share the learnings of the Innovation in Social Housing 90 day Project, undertaken in 2017, by the Office for Ageing.

The Future of Housing for the Elderly: Four Strategies that Can Make a Difference

In the US, in the last several years, there has been a broad-based effort to re-frame the discussion about housing for the elderly and reaffirm that housing matters. Housing locations, including the individual homes of older persons, are becoming major long-term care and health delivery sites.

A novel cohousing project for women and implications for loneliness

In the UK, some 14–17% of adults over 65 are lonely. Social isolation and the subjective experience of loneliness can increase the risk of poor health outcomes, including anxiety, depression, suicide, sleep problems and premature mortality. Cohousing is a form of grouped housing designed and managed by those who reside within it.

Cohousing - Housing for Older People

The 'cohousing community' is a subject of mounting interest to older people in Britain. It offers a realistic alternative to a tradition of paternalism and benign neglect in relation to the old and isolated. It involves the older person as citizen not service recipient.

Students in Milan are moving in with the elderly to fight loneliness and save money

Milan seeks to match young people looking for affordable accommodation with seniors in need of company. It fosters solidarity by bringing two generations together. The “Take Home a Student” project was conceived by MeglioMilano, or “Better Milan”, a non-profit organization, and has created more than 600 pairs since it began in 2004.

Shared Housing Arrangements in Germany—An Equitable Alternative to Long Term Care Services beyond Homes and Institutions?

Germany has experienced a growing interest and investment in innovative models of aged care that can provide more choice and flexibility to beneficiaries, while reducing the need for costly institutionalization. One model that has gained special attention is shared housing arrangements, in which a limited number of six to eight people in need of care rent private rooms in ordinary apartment build

Re-Inventing Existing Real Estate of Social Housing for Older People: Building a New De Benring in Voorst, The Netherlands

Enabling one to age-in-place requires new housing arrangements that facilitate and enable older adults to live comfortably into old age, preferably with others. Innovative examples are provided from a Dutch social housing association, illustrating a new approach to environmental design that focuses more on building new communities in conjunction with the building itself, as opposed to the occupat

What would an age-friendly city look like?

As the world’s population grows older and more urban, cities must decide how to adapt. Ageing populations need to be part of the debate about urban development. New approaches are needed which link the advantages of living in cities with the needs and aspirations of older people themselves.

Elder Cohousing - Research and Resources

International resources and research on co-housing and the elderly.

We need to talk about ageing - and it's about far more than the NHS

By 2050, 25% of the UK population will be over 65 – many living in solitude.
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