Retirement Housing

Designing inclusive Later Living communities for HAPPI residents

This case study report features three award winning developments for retirement living. It explores how the HAPPI (Housing our Ageing Population Panel for Innovation) design principles have come to life in each to promote social inclusion where older people are empowered to live an independent and socially active life at the heart of their wider community.

Addressing Loneliness and Social Isolation in Older People

As the number of older people in the UK is increasing and people are living longer, loneliness and social isolation is also increasing. There is a growing body of evidence about the role older people’s housing plays in tackling loneliness and social isolation, but a lack of practical guidance for providers and those who work with older people on how to address it.

Learn to Innovate – European lessons on designing for ageing well

This ongoing research to develop innovative senior living schemes in towns and cities in the UK looks at examples in Denmark and The Netherlands. Observations from two urban care homes in Copenhagen, that actively encourage social connection through the provision of shared and social spaces.

Independent Living Units: Underfunded and Misunderstood

Australia has an aging population with diverse backgrounds and experiences; 37 per cent of older Australians were born overseas. Historical and contemporary privileges and disadvantages have impacted different Australians’ ability to gain and maintain employment, accrue savings, build financial literacy, contribute to superannuation, own property and prepare for a secure, enjoyable retirement in l

Choosing between staying at home or moving: A systematic review of factors influencing housing decisions among frail older adults

To date, many factors have been taken into account in research on older adults’ housing decisions, including health and social factors. However, not all potential factors have been identified, especially those related to the built environment and what it represents for older adults.

Out of the frying pan into the fire: The experiences of Housing for the Aged Action Group clients referred to Independent Living Units

Outlines the experiences of clients seeking an Independent Living Unit (ILU), the experiences of clients with their housing since seeking retirement advice, and their perceptions of HAAG’s services.

It's Time for Federal Regulation of Retirement Villages

As Australia’s population ages, increasing numbers of seniors move to a growing number of retirement villages.

What matters most to people in retirement villages and their transition to residential aged care

As older people age and become frail, their decline in independence and concomitant changing care needs may force them to move from retirement village to a residential aged care facility.

Practice Mining for the Development of Sustainable Retirement Villages in Australia

Sustainable development has been widely accepted as a way of understanding the relationship of humanity with nature and between people. Since the community is the basic unit of sustainable living, sustainable practices need to be incorporated into their developments.

Housing an Ageing Population - An approach to improving housing affordability, liveability and financial resilience for senior Australians

Discussion of the concept of co-housing and the results of a UTS research project looking at co-housing for older people as a way of accessing affordable housing.
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