Pathways out of homelessness

The Seniors Housing Gateway - A safety net for older people at risk of homelessness

Australia needs to urgently address the rapidly increasing problem facing large numbers of older people, the majority women, at risk of homelessness.

Being Homeless and Becoming Housed: The Interplay of Fateful Moments and Social Support in Neo-liberal Context

This paper presents a qualitative analysis of stories of adults who transitioned from being absolutely homeless to becoming housed. Participants’ stories are particularly salient for what they reveal about this transition in the midst of other challenges including substance use, criminalization, and violence, and within a neoliberal social policy context.

Ways Out of Homelessness in Central Europe

While there have been several European projects and exchanges of know-how and good practice in the field of housing, representatives of the partner organizations of this project felt the need for focusing exclusively on local solutions from the region.

Entries and Exits from Homelessness: A dynamic analysis of the relationship between structural conditions and individual characteristics

This report examines the relationship between structural factors, individual characteristics and homelessness. Our interest in the interaction of structural conditions and individual characteristics gives rise to two secondary research questions.

Older Women's Pathways out of Homelessness in Australia

This study examines pathways out of homelessness for older women in Australia. It seeks to understand the range of possible responses and program models that would assist in addressing their homelessness. It explicitly intends to inform the service sector.

Ending Homelessness among Older Adults and Elders through Permanent Supportive Housing

Ending Homelessness among Older Adults and Elders through Permanent Supportive Housing Policy Paper Prepared for The National Convening on Ending Elder Homelessness

On the Move: A longitudinal study of pathways in and out of homelessness

This research asks: ‘Is there a connection between how people become homeless, how long they remain homeless and how they ‘get out’ of homelessness?’ A review of the literature identified two gaps directly relevant to the issue of movement in and out of homelessness. First, why people experience homelessness for different lengths of time when they face similar structural conditions.

Women, Housing and Transitions Out of Homelessness

This is the second of two main reports for the project “Women, housing and transitions out of homelessness”. The earlier Stage 2 Report (Jerome et al, 2002) was based on an extensive, systematic review of the national and international literature on homelessness and specifically women’s homelessness.

Snakes and Ladders: Women's Pathways Into and Out of Homelessness

Single homeless women are often described as the hidden homeless, whilst homelessness itself has been described as advanced marginality in a risk society. This research provides an analysis of the pathways into and out of homelessness of single women aged 25-45 years without children in their care.
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