Anthony M Warnes

Homelessness among older people and service responses

This paper reviews the limited evidence on the causes of homelessness in old age and on the circumstances and problems of older homeless people, and it describes the few services dedicated to the group.

Resettling Older Homeless People: a longitudinal study of outcomes

This report describes the findings of a longitudinal study of the resettlement of 64 older homeless people in London, Leeds and Sheffield. The study examined their progress for two years after they were rehoused. The field-work commenced in July 1997, and it continued until August 2001 when the last subject had been rehoused for 24 months.

The causes of homelessness in later life: Findings from a 3-nation study

Homelessness is an intractable problem in many affluent countries and affects people of all ages, although much research and service provision have concentrated on young adults.

The Achievements of a Multiservice Project for Older Homeless People

The aim of this article is to assess the ways in which older homeless people can be helped to return to more conventional accommodation and lives.

Policy and service responses to rough sleeping among older people

Rough sleeping in Britain has a long history, and interventions have alternated between legal sanctions and humanitarian concern. This paper critically examines recent changes in homeless policies and services, with particular reference to the needs of older people who sleep rough. The characteristics and problems of the group are first described.
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