The Office of Housing, a division of the Department of Health & Human Services, manages public housing.  There is a variety of housing available for older persons. Generally it is affordable (25% of income), well designed, in good locations and can be modified if required, at no expense to the tenant.

There is public housing specifically provided for people 55 years of age and over so it is most likely you can be housed amongst a community of people in your age group.

How do I apply?

To apply for public housing contact Home at Last on 1300 735 178. Home at Last can refer you to a housing worker if you are eligible for support. A housing worker can make an application with you, ensuring you are on the shortest wait list for your individual circumstances.

You can also apply for public housing directly yourself at

Cost 25% of your income
Eligibility -Receiving an income from Centrelink
-Have under $31,520 in assets
-For the shortest wait lists you must also have a health issue that requires modifications to your home, be homeless or escaping family violence
Adaptability for changing physical needs/maintenance The Department of Housing will make any changes that are needed as your needs change at no cost to you and is responsible for maintenance.
Location Often linked to public transport
How long can you stay there? As long as you need it
Legal Coverage Residential Tenancies Act

Public housing comes in many forms.

It is generally very good quality housing that is adaptable for older people as they age.

There is specific ‘older persons stock’ so over 55’s are living amongst their peers.

Public housing is often located close to amenities and transport