Community housing is houses that are owned by not-for-profit  organisations. Community housing comes in many shapes and sizes. Some are modern apartments, while others are ordinary houses. Community housing can also vary in the way that it is managed. Some housing is managed by big organisations that own a lot of houses, others by little groups. Most Community Housing Providers will assist you to modify your home to suit your needs as you age.

Community Housing usually costs 30% of your income as well as 100% of Commonwealth Rent Assistance. There is also some Community Housing that is charged as a percentage of 'market rent'. Market Rent is the average amount that a house would cost if rented out privately.

How do I apply?

When making an application for Public Housing you can apply for Community Housing at the same time. Contact us on 1300 765 178 for help to apply.

You can also apply by yourself by going to

Cost before you move in There is a usually a one month bond to pay when you move into Community Housing. HAAG can provide information on accessing a Bond Loan from the DFFH.

Usually 30% of your income, as well as Commonwealth Rent Assistance if you receive it.
-or a percentage of market rent ( for
“Affordable Housing”)

  • For some ‘affordable’ housing, you may be eligible if you are employed on a low in-come.
  • For most Community Housing, you must be receiving an income from Centrelink
  • & have less than $31,520 in assets
  • To be eligible for priority Community hous-ing you must have less than $13,000 in assets, otherwise the wait list is very long.
Adaptability for changing physical needs/maintenance You can request that your community housing provider makes changes to your house if you need it.
How long can you stay there? As long as you need it.
Legal Coverage Residential Tenancies Act

Community Housing provides a good standard of accommodation specifically designed for the needs of older people. Community Housing is a lot like public housing but it is managed by various Community Housing providers so conditions of tenure vary.