Housing Affordability

Rental Affordability Snapshot

The Rental Affordability Snapshot highlights the lived experience of looking for housing on a low income. It focuses on those who earn the least– people on government income payments and people earning the minimum wage.

The Future of Housing for the Elderly: Four Strategies that Can Make a Difference

In the US, in the last several years, there has been a broad-based effort to re-frame the discussion about housing for the elderly and reaffirm that housing matters. Housing locations, including the individual homes of older persons, are becoming major long-term care and health delivery sites.

How does homelessness affect senior women?

In 2013, The OECD reported that Canada has a low old-age poverty rate compared to other OECD countries—7.2%—but it is rising while other countries’ are decreasing. Furthermore, seniors in Canada must rely on their own capital, including private pensions, for 42% of their post-retirement income.

Seventy and homeless for the first time: the rise of older women's homelessness

While the stereotypical face of poverty is a older man – a lifetime down on his luck, the fastest growing demographic of people experiencing homelessness is single women over the age of 55. While it is clear that women are victim to lifelong structural settings that have undermined their financial security – the state of the housing market is what is pushing so many women from housing stress into

Social housing as infrastructure: an investment pathway

This research modelled five alternative pathways to funding social housing and found the ‘capital grant’ model, supplemented by efficient financing, provides the most cost effective model for Australia. The research also established the current and future unmet need for social housing in different parts of Australia.

Housing Affordability and Homelessness

This report is about homelessness, considered in the context of our wider housing, service, and social system. Homelessness is an urgent and growing problem. Currently, homelessness as an end point gets significant attention from governments and the specialist services working in the sector.

Rental warning: Falling home ownership rates set to bite retirees

Older Australians are falling off the housing ladder and face spending their retirement as renters, with the situation expected to worsen for coming generations. Senior Australians in the private rental market are “at much greater risk of financial stress than home owners, or those in public housing”, according to the Grattan Institute’s recently launched Grattan Retirement Incomes Model. Older

Housing Stress Increases for Social Housing Renters

Housing stress has increased considerably among renters of social housing, new research shows, renewing calls from the social sector for more affordable housing and a national housing strategy. The latest Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) survey released on Tuesday said renters were particularly prone to both financial stress and housing stress. “Over the HILDA survey pe

The Homelessness Monitor: England 2018

The homelessness monitor is a longitudinal study providing an independent analysis of the homelessness impacts of recent economic and policy developments in England. It considers both the consequences of the post-2007 economic and housing market recession, and the subsequent recovery, and also the impact of policy changes.

The disturbing truth you need to know about women's homelessness

Christine is a recently retired and now homeless mature age woman who has, like so many other retired professional women, little to no prospect of obtaining public or community housing, or being able to afford market price rentals. She is the convenor of the Housing Alternatives self-help action group on Facebook and the creator of the Housing Alternatives web site,
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