Public Housing

Public Housing Redevelopments Impact Older Persons’ Health and Wellbeing

The Victorian State Government’s public housing renewal program is a plan to sell land on existing public housing estates to private developers with a return of a ten per cent increase in public housing. This plan includes the relocation of current tenants to other public housing properties.

Moving Toward Age-Friendly Housing in King County

This assessment is instrumental for understanding how to meet the current – and future – housing needs of older adults in King County, US. This assessment utilized various strategies: 1) secondary data analysis of federal, state, and local data sources to assess several factors, including current housing stock, diversity of the older adult population within King County, and housing cost burden fo

Is the Victorian Housing Register providing transparency in the process for community housing offers that its introduction intended?

The purpose of this report is to ascertain whether or not the Victorian Housing Register is working as it intended in regards to the process of receiving community housing offers in the case of HAAG’s cohort of older people whoare homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Demoralising and humiliating: More older Australians falling into homelessness

The number of Australia's private renters aged 65+ who are in housing stress, defined as paying more than 30% on rent, has jumped by 42% in the last five years.

Unsettled, Insecure, Expensive and Scarce: The Experience of Renting in Australia

National Shelter increasingly looks at the performance of our rental markets in terms of affordability and it was about time we also looked at the experience of renters as users of tenancy products.

Health and welfare profile of Australian baby boomers who live in rented accommodation – implications for the future

Baby boomers who rent are often overlooked as an important sub-group. this research assessed the chronic conditions, risk factors, socio-economic factors and other health-related factors associated with renting in private or public housing.

Thousands of over-55s pushed to the front of social housing queue

Seven thousand people at risk of homelessness in Victoria will be moved onto a high-priority waiting list for secure social housing, but on one condition – they must be aged 55 or older. In May the Andrews government gazetted a new social housing category solely for those aged 55 and older

Exploring the Housing Needs of Older People in Standard and Sheltered Housing

It is clearly important that the most appropriate models of housing provision for older people are investigated, and this is particularly important for older people living in social housing who may be at more risk of adverse life outcomes. However, there is a paucity of research investigating the opinions and attitudes of older people themselves.

Living in Fear: Experiences of Older Private-Renters in London

The private-rented sector is too often characterised by insecurity, poor living conditions, high rents and lack of choice, meaning that many tenants experience instability and inequality.

What are the health, social and economic benefits of providing public housing and support to formerly homeless people?

This report finds that supporting formerly homeless people and those at risk of homelessness into public housing in Western Australia reduces their use of health services as well as the frequency with which they do so.
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