About the library

The Ageing on the Edge Research Library houses the growing body of evidence of older people living in housing stress and homelessness, and studies into the causes, effects and solutions to this problem. As the problem grows in all Australian states, as well as around the world, we need more research to further understand the complexity of  issues involved.

We also need these studies to be publicly available and easily accessible, not only for researchers and service providers to share their knowledge, but to demonstrate evidence-based solutions to government for them to take action. Most crucially, the library aims to be a place to create public awareness of the problem and pressure governments to pay attention.

The library brings researchers, service providers, and advocates together in an online space, via the website, an email list, as well as a public launch and planned annual seminars. We hope that this will inspire people to add their new works to the library through the online form and spark conversations that lead to new collaborations and greater awareness and involvement in tackling the issue of Older Persons Homelessness.

The library is limited to works that are freely available in the public domain, on the subject of older people, housing and homelessness.

The library is maintained and expanded by Housing for the Aged Action Group's member volunteers.