Social Housing

Housing Options for Our Ageing Population

Irish people are living longer and healthier lives, which presents both challenges and opportunities for the Government, particularly in the spheres of housing and health. This Policy Statement is an important step in this Government’s response to those challenges.

Australian Homelessness Monitor

Key findings Australia’s homelessness problem is getting worse: Homelessness in Australia is outpacing population growth. Rough sleeping levels are increasing. Severe overcrowding is the largest group. Older Australians increasingly experience homelessness. Indigenous Australians are overrepresented. There’s increased demand for homelessness specialist services. The main reasons for seeking assis

Housing Stress Increases for Social Housing Renters

Housing stress has increased considerably among renters of social housing, new research shows, renewing calls from the social sector for more affordable housing and a national housing strategy. The latest Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) survey released on Tuesday said renters were particularly prone to both financial stress and housing stress. “Over the HILDA survey pe

Social housing as infrastructure: an investment pathway

Ensuring necessary and appropriate levels of social housing investment begins with a well-evidenced understanding of the scale, type and location of need and secondly, an accurate understanding of the cost of procuring appropriate dwellings in the right locations.

Re-Inventing Existing Real Estate of Social Housing for Older People: Building a New De Benring in Voorst, The Netherlands

Enabling one to age-in-place requires new housing arrangements that facilitate and enable older adults to live comfortably into old age, preferably with others. Innovative examples are provided from a Dutch social housing association, illustrating a new approach to environmental design that focuses more on building new communities in conjunction with the building itself, as opposed to the occupat

The Future of Housing for the Elderly: Four Strategies that Can Make a Difference

In the US, in the last several years, there has been a broad-based effort to re-frame the discussion about housing for the elderly and reaffirm that housing matters. Housing locations, including the individual homes of older persons, are becoming major long-term care and health delivery sites.

Is the Victorian Housing Register providing transparency in the process for community housing offers that its introduction intended?

The purpose of this report is to ascertain whether or not the Victorian Housing Register is working as it intended in regards to the process of receiving community housing offers in the case of HAAG’s cohort of older people whoare homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Councils' help with affordable housing shows how local government can make a difference

Tasmania is in the grip of a rental housing affordability crisis. What do local governments do to help? Rural areas in particular lack rental options.

The government has walked away from social housing. Now we are paying the price

Housing policy in Australia has a split personality: we are either shaking our heads at how hard it is for wealthy millennials to buy their first home or we are wringing our hands at the plight of the homeless. Policymakers have responded in a piecemeal and often counterproductive fashion to these individual and seemingly isolated issues, providing financial incentives to first homebuyers and cri

Reframing Social Housing: financing and tenant autonomy

Housing affordability is a key issue for many Australians. While the focus is often on affordability for existing and prospective home owners, it is also a significant issue for many renters. About 31% of Australian households are renting. Rental housing is broadly in two categories: private and social.
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