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Neighbourhoods of the Future 2019: Growing a Brighter Future for Ourselves

Neighbourhoods of the Future 2019 captures the thoughts and predictions of a veritable `who's who' of distinguished experts and emerging thought leaders. In these pages, you will discover novel concepts for disrupting construction, finance, social and business models. A collection of articles presenting an array of positive housing and life-enhancing options for our future.

What would an age-friendly city look like?

As the world’s population grows older and more urban, cities must decide how to adapt. Ageing populations need to be part of the debate about urban development. New approaches are needed which link the advantages of living in cities with the needs and aspirations of older people themselves.

How to provide suitable and affordable housing for ageing people

With a global rise in the number of people aged 65-plus, it will be increasingly important to have appropriate housing that allows them to remain in their familiar communities and 'age in place' for as long as possible. However, as experience shows in New Zealand and other parts of the world,housing for many people in this age group is far from appropriate. In our research, we explore

State of the (Older) Nation 2018

This research was commissioned by the Federation of nin e Councils on the Ageing (COTA) across Australia – including all eight COTA state and territory organisations and COTA Australia – in order to understand the views, life experiences and needs of Australians aged 50+ .

More and more Australians will be homeless unless we act now

One of the most pressing challenges older Australians face is finding secure accommodation with suitable amenities. And as the numbers of older Australians grow, the pressure to provide housing that meets their needs is increasing. We may be facing a crisis of ageing homelessness in coming years. Older Australians face the same risks of falling into homelessness as everyone else.

When falling home ownership and ageing baby boomers collide

Until now, the majority of older people in Australia have achieved the goal of owning their own home outright. Hence, policymakers have typically shown little concern about the size and budget costs of rental housing assistance programs for seniors.

Elder Cohousing - Research and Resources

International resources and research on co-housing and the elderly.

We need to talk about ageing - and it's about far more than the NHS

By 2050, 25% of the UK population will be over 65 – many living in solitude.

Co-housing: could it take off?

Choice and control are the driving force behind a growing co-housing initiative for older Australians looking for alternatives to the traditional aged care and retirement living options.

Homeless increase no surprise; homelessness is not a Federal priority

2016 Census shows 13.7% increase in homelessness; 2-in-5 homeless under 25; spike in older people homeless; rough sleeping & severe overcrowding. Amongst the trends, Homelessness Australia is concerned about:  27.7% increase in homelessness among people aged 55+  39% of the homeless population is under 25 years of age  Women’s homelessness rose faster than population  8,200 Australians ro
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