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Neighbourhoods of the Future 2019: Growing a Brighter Future for Ourselves

Neighbourhoods of the Future 2019 captures the thoughts and predictions of a veritable `who's who' of distinguished experts and emerging thought leaders. In these pages, you will discover novel concepts for disrupting construction, finance, social and business models. A collection of articles presenting an array of positive housing and life-enhancing options for our future.

Housing America's Older Adults

Households headed by someone 50 or over represent 55 percent of all the nation’s households. • Over the past several years, the most significant growth in older households came from baby boomers aged 65- 74.

Meeting the Housing Needs of Older Adults in Montgomery County

Montgomery County, Maryland, USA, is a community offering high-quality services and amenities to people of all ages and at all stages of life. The County scores particularly high among older adults in terms of its health services, public safety, and parks and activities. However, only 50 percent of residents 55+ said that Montgomery County was a good place to retire.

Healthy settings for older people are healthy settings for all: the experience of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy

This report shows how age-friendly environments have been created at the subnational level in Italy, using examples primarily from the Region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

Re-Inventing Existing Real Estate of Social Housing for Older People: Building a New De Benring in Voorst, The Netherlands

Enabling one to age-in-place requires new housing arrangements that facilitate and enable older adults to live comfortably into old age, preferably with others. Innovative examples are provided from a Dutch social housing association, illustrating a new approach to environmental design that focuses more on building new communities in conjunction with the building itself, as opposed to the occupat

Housing Boomers - A report on housing issues facing South Australia's older population

This report addresses housing for older people on two primary levels; housing stress and homelessness.

The impact of Rent Assistance on housing affordability for low-income renters: Australia

Rent Assistance has failed to keep up with surging rental costs. Increases to Age and Disability Support Pension payments, since a one-off increase in 2009 of $32 per week, have helped reduce the numbers of these pensioners paying more than half of their income in rent.

Adapting to the Challenges of an Ageing Population for Social Housing

One in six people in the UK are now over 65. More people are living beyond 80. The elderly living in couples or alone now make up 25% of all households.

China’s Senior Housing – Now and the Future

In this report, Deloitte analyzes China’s senior housing market - where it stands and how it will evolve. China's ageing population has received growing attention in recent years bringing the issue of "elder care" to the forefront of policy makers, and organizations' minds.

Extent and Profile of Homelessness in European Member States – A Statistical Update

This report looks at statistics for the homeless population across Europe. While not specific to an aged population, this cohort is examined in the wider context. The report concludes there are many dimensions of homelessness that may exist across different contexts, a potentially important one being the possibility of quite simple associations between some forms of homelessness and poverty.
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