Age Specific Housing

Effective downsizing options for older Australians

Downsizing—commonly defined as the act of older people moving to a dwelling with fewer bedrooms, a smaller land area and a lower value is viewed by Government as a way to address affordability and use the housing stock more efficiently.

Housing in an ageing Australia: Nest and nest egg?

This brief is in three parts. Part one tackles the dynamics of the housing purchase in working life, describing the patterns of housing tenure across generations, demographic and market dynamics, the likely future effects of demography on housing demand, and the policies that can affect home purchase outcomes, particularly taxes.

Dignity and choice An inclusive future for our ageing population

The ageing of our population presents a fundamental challenge for how cities are able to function. This report provides a series of policy proposals to achieve a more inclusive and liveable city.

3 Innovative Senior Housing Projects That Hold Lessons For Nonprofits

Nonprofit senior living providers have historically driven innovation in the field of aged care in the US.

Housing and Care for Older Women Policy Brief

This brief looks at older women’s housing, their changing needs, and the intersections between housing and aged care in Australia.

Housing Options for Our Ageing Population

The changing demographics and the implications for future health care costs underpin the importance of developing a wider choice of appropriate housing options for older people suited to their needs. The aim of this policy statement is to encourage and facilitate timely planning by older people, and to rebalance the care model away from inappropriate residential and/or acute care, to supporting o

11 types of senior living options

As baby boomers have reached retirement age, they’ve recognized the need for more retirement living options than their parents had. This US article examines 11 different options for senior living.

Housing for Life: Designed for Living

This Australian report seeks to share the learnings of the Innovation in Social Housing 90 day Project, undertaken in 2017, by the Office for Ageing.

Housing Options for Our Ageing Population – Policy Statement

This article discusses the Irish Government's 2019 Joint Policy Statement “Housing Options for our Ageing Population". The Statement reaffirms the strong Government commitment to policies that support older people to live in their own homes and communities with dignity and independence for as long as possible. The Statement plans to make an invaluable contribution in helping to meet th

Transforming housing for a growing aging, homeless population

Between 2017 and 2019, homelessness in Alameda County, California, soared 43%; while homelessness across all Bay Area counties increased nearly 30%. As part of a commitment to address affordable housing, Bay Area Community Services and Kaiser Permanente announced an innovative breakthrough partnership that will house 515 aging, homeless individuals in Oakland, California.
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