Lifetime Neighbourhoods

Neighbourhoods of the Future 2019: Growing a Brighter Future for Ourselves

Neighbourhoods of the Future 2019 captures the thoughts and predictions of a veritable `who's who' of distinguished experts and emerging thought leaders. In these pages, you will discover novel concepts for disrupting construction, finance, social and business models. A collection of articles presenting an array of positive housing and life-enhancing options for our future.

Building Age-Friendly Neighbourhoods in Greater Manchester: evidence from the Ambition for Ageing programme

A key concept in the ageing policy agenda is that of ‘ageing in place’. If older people are to do this successfully, age-friendly neighbourhoods are essential to ensure local environments remain inclusive and accessible to people as they move through the life course. Previous literature has indicated that older people are at increased risk of neighbourhood exclusion due to a variety of factors.

Lifetime Neighbourhoods

As we grow older we are more likely to spend more time at home, and where we live is an important determinant of our well-being.

The Cohousing Approach to 'Lifetime Neighbourhoods'

This UK fact sheet considers how local authorities can work with public and private sector partners to develop a cohousing approach towards the outcomes sought from the government’s national strategy on housing for an ageing society.

Lifetime Homes Lifetime Neighbourhoods: A National Strategy for Housing in an Ageing Society

In the UK, most of our homes and communities are not designed to meet people’s changing needs as they grow older. Older people’s housing options are too often limited to care homes or sheltered housing. Put simply, we need more and better homes for older people now. This strategy sets out our response to the global challenge of ageing.
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