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Neighbourhoods of the Future 2019: Growing a Brighter Future for Ourselves

Neighbourhoods of the Future 2019 captures the thoughts and predictions of a veritable `who's who' of distinguished experts and emerging thought leaders. In these pages, you will discover novel concepts for disrupting construction, finance, social and business models. A collection of articles presenting an array of positive housing and life-enhancing options for our future.

Housing Locally: A report on the Local Government and Housing Linkage Project national survey

This report presents the outcomes of an online survey of local governments across Australia into their attitudes, programs, policies and actions with respect to housing. The survey was undertaken as part of a three-year Australian Research Council Linkage project, in which a number of local governments and their representatives are active participants.

Housing and Ageing: Linking strategy to future delivery for Scotland, Wales and England 2030

Our goal was to create a set of co-designed recommendations for the UK, Scottish and Welsh governments, which would identify specific priorities and recommendations for the housing and ageing agenda – as a driver to get housing ready for the increasing future generations of older people.

Majority of female homeowners fearful they couldn't handle small interest rate rise, survey finds

More than two-thirds of female homeowners with a mortgage feel they would be in hot water if their repayments increased by just $100 a month, new data shows. Of all homeowners, it was women who felt most vulnerable to the possibility of an interest rate rise, with 67 per cent admitting they didn’t think they could afford a hike of more than $23 a week.

Is Housing a Health Insult?

Abstract: In seeking to understand the relationship between housing and health, research attention is often focussed on separate components of people’s whole housing ‘bundles’.

Submission to the Parliament of Victoria Legal and Social Issues Committee Inquiry into the retirement housing sector

The policy challenge for housing an ageing population is how to sustain and enhance wellbeing across an individual’s life, while at the same time reducing the inequalities within each generation, and ensuring an equitable allocation of resources between the generations.6

Housing Decisions of Older Australians

The growing longevity and ageing of Australia’s population, as well as other structural and demographic changes, elevate the policy imperative to understand what drives the housing decisions of older people and the consequences for their wellbeing. This study aims to explore the drivers of those decisions, as well as some of the barriers to better outcomes.

What's in a name? Similarities and differences in international terms and meanings for older peoples' housing with services

Discussion of housing for older people that is combined with provision of various support and care services is confounded by the lack of consistent terminology. The diversity of terms and meanings relating to housing with services for older people confounds systematic analysis, especially in international comparative research.

Aging, Living Arrangements, and Housing in China

Grounded in a literature review, current living arrangements and housing conditions of the elderly in China are investigated with new empirical evidence. Survey data of September 2009 included a total of 692 Chinese households with a focus on elderly members.

The health impacts of housing: toward a policy-relevant research agenda

Housing is central to our lives. And while it may be seen on one level as principally about shelter, housing importantly provides other benefits. Affordable, appropriate, and adequate housing is argued to have a marked impact on people’s health, their access to labour markets, and an array of other benefits.
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