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The Renters Journey

Report following the rental experiences of four key groups of renters: women aged 55 and over, low income families, newly arrived migrants and young renters. Journey mapping with four key groups of renters, exploring common and unique experiences and pain points.

Retired and renting - the trend isn't comforting

The risk is growing that we will see more and more older people living in housing-related poverty. That is one conclusion of the Stocktake of New Zealand's Housing released this week.

Tenure insecurity and exclusion: older people in New Zealand's rental market

Declining home ownership among older people throws a spotlight on tenure insecurity. Almost 97,000 people aged 65 and older live in rental accommodation now, and this is expected to rise rapidly as younger renters reach retirement. Older tenants are potentially marginalised in a highly competitive rental market with few provisions relating to tenure security.

'Isn’t there something awful about society, that so many people are praying for a house?'

Action needs to be be taken to help older people who are homeless or facing other housing issues, ALONE Ireland has said. The charity, which supports older people to live at home, today launched a campaign called ‘How will you pay the rent when you retire?’ It aims to raise awareness about what it calls “the hidden housing crisis among older people”.

Life as an older renter

The New South Wales government has introduced a bill to reform the Residential Tenancies Act. This act sets out the rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants in private rental accommodation in NSW. It is getting harder for older renters to find adequate, appropriate and secure housing. Older women – the focus of my work – are at particular risk.

La Opinión: Our homeless crisis is a housing crisis

The homeless crisis in Los Angeles is linked to a lack of affordable housing. The 2018 Homeless Count, found more than 9,000 people newly experiencing homelessness, and a sizeable jump among those 62 years old and older.

Report Finds Sharp Rise in Older Women Experiencing Homelessness

The report, “Retiring into Poverty”, released by the National Older Women’s Housing and Homelessness Working Group, said systemic factors such as lower superannuation, unequal pay and forced time off to raise children were key factors of the increase. The combination of women having a lower overall income and housing affordability in major cities was a cause of great instability. Housing afforda

More and more Australians will be homeless unless we act now

One of the most pressing challenges older Australians face is finding secure accommodation with suitable amenities. And as the numbers of older Australians grow, the pressure to provide housing that meets their needs is increasing. We may be facing a crisis of ageing homelessness in coming years. Older Australians face the same risks of falling into homelessness as everyone else.

Life as an older renter and what it tells us about the urgent need for reform

It is getting harder for older renters to find adequate, appropriate and secure housing. Older women – the focus of my work – are at particular risk. This is due to longer life expectancy, lower incomes across the life course, and less access to benefits like superannuation.

The Design of Local-Authority Rental Housing for the Elderly That Improves Their Quality of Life

This paper explores the quality of life requirements of elderly people with high-care needs who live in rental housing. Using a qualitative case study approach, it examines the living experiences of six elderly people who need assistance and are living in local-authority rental housing in New Zealand.
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