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Thousands of over-55s pushed to the front of social housing queue

Seven thousand people at risk of homelessness in Victoria will be moved onto a high-priority waiting list for secure social housing, but on one condition – they must be aged 55 or older. In May the Andrews government gazetted a new social housing category solely for those aged 55 and older

Submission to the Parliament of Victoria Legal and Social Issues Committee Inquiry into the retirement housing sector

The policy challenge for housing an ageing population is how to sustain and enhance wellbeing across an individual’s life, while at the same time reducing the inequalities within each generation, and ensuring an equitable allocation of resources between the generations.6

A Literature Review of Homelessness and Aging: Suggestions for a Policy and Practice-Relevant Research Agenda

Homelessness among older people is a growing concern across Canada and is expected to rise with demographic change. Yet current knowledge, policies, and practices on homelessness largely focus on younger populations. Likewise, research and policies on aging typically overlook homelessness.

Where do record rental prices leave low-income earners?

Average house rents in metropolitan Melbourne have increased by 5.3%, with apartment rents growing by 2.8%, over the last three months. A lack of affordable rental properties is a problem in Sydney too.

Future of an Ageing Population

The ageing population will change demand for housing in the UK. In particular,it is likely that more adaptable and specialised housing will be needed. Suitable housing can significantly improve life in older age, while unsuitable housing can be the source of multiple problems and costs. Homes will be increasingly used as places of work and care.

Senior Cohousing in Cost Cutting Research

This paper concerns the issues of senior cohousing with a particular emphasis on the residents’ gender. Senior cohousing is an alternative way of living for older people in the 21th century.

Housing for an Aging Population

We use the American Housing Survey to examine the distribution and occupancy of homes that have, or could be modified to have, accessibility features that allow seniors to successfully remain in the community as they age. Despite the aging population and the growing need for accessible housing, the U.S.

Older Renters: The New Face of Poverty

Older private renters, especially those who are single and female, are the new face of poverty The number of older, single women in the private rental market increased by a massive 50 percent between the 2006 and 2011 ABS Censuses.

Washington: The Ideal Place to Grow Older

In the US, the majority of adults 65 and older want to stay in their own home and community as they age. Across the nation cities grapple with the needs of older adults. The nonprofit Milken Institute’s Best Cities for Successful Living report, found several cities to be ahead of the curve, Washington is an example, with the growth of villages that support ageing in the community.

Cohousing: a solution for the Elderly? Innovative housing solutions to address the challenges of an ageing society

Italian social protection expenditure dedicates several resources to old age. However, welfare services are not sufficient anymore for satisfying the large and complex demand of the aging population.