Sean McNelis

The funding and delivery of programs to reduce homelessness: the case study evidence

This research investigated how services supporting those experiencing homelessness are funded, and how different forms and levels of funding, together with diverse funding sources, impact on the delivery of homelessness assistance. This study is based on nine case studies focused on different service models, organisational forms and potential new ways of funding services for the homeless.

The AHURI Inquiry on homelessness funding in Australia

The purpose of this Discussion Paper is to set the scene for the AHURI Inquiry on homeless funding in Australia which will examine, and provide evidence on, the financing of homelessness services and mainstream services supporting the homeless in Australia.

National Survey of Providers of Independent Living Units (ILUs) for people with relatively low incomes and low assets

According to the National Housing Supply Council, the demand from older-person households for private rental housing and social housing is estimated to grow 120% between 2008 and 2028 (from 146,200 to 321,400 for private rental housing and from 86,500 to 189,800 for social housing).A significant proportion of these households are living in housing that is not affordable.

The Future of Aged Persons Housing: What role for Independent Living Units?

There is an emerging crisis within housing for older persons in Australia. This paper focuses particularly on the role of independent living units in the future of aged housing.

Independent Living Units: The Forgotten Social Housing Sector

Public and community housing are well documented as housing options for older people with relatively low value assets and low incomes. However, other not-for-profit (NFP) organisations also provide housing for this group.
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