Stephen Green

Housing options for older people in a reimagined housing system: a case study from England

The housing options of older people in the UK now extend far beyond the traditional choice between staying put and making do, or moving to specialist housing or residential care. A flexible suite of options has emerged, centred on promoting independence and well-being. This reflects a tendency within analysis to consider these different housing options in isolation.

Not enough homes being built for older people - new research

The number of people aged 85 and over will more than double in the UK over the next 25 years. With an ageing population will come additional pressures on services and resources – and one area of specific concern is housing. Recent research suggests the cost to the NHS from older people being poorly housed is over £600m a year.

Evaluation of Extra Care Housing in Wales

Extra care is an important element of efforts to diversify provision and increase choice for older people. Extra care housing is a broad concept rather than a specific housing type. It provides independent living in a home of your own, but with services on hand if they are required.

Older people's housing, care and support needs in Greater Cambridge 2017-2036

Addressing the needs of a rapidly ageing population in both SCDC and Cambridge City will require decisive action. It is acknowledged in recent policy and research documents that to meet this challenge, a system of provision is required which includes and connects together the following five components: 1.
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