New Zealand not 'catching up' to social housing needs

The Salvation Army estimates New Zealand needs to build a minimum of 2000 social houses a year for at least the next decade just to meet demand. The country's social housing stock needs to grow from 82,000 to more than 100,000 in the next decade. Another 2000 a year was the bare minimum that needed to be constructed and half of those were needed in Auckland.

No place like home: The impact of declining home ownership on retirement

Australia’s retirement income system has long implicitly taken it for granted that the vast majority of retired people will have very low housing costs – in turn reflecting a presumption that most of them will own their own homes, and will have fully paid down any mortgage debt taken on in order to finance the original acquisition of their homes; and that those who have been unable to become home-

The Entitlement of Age

Australia’s retirement income system is becoming unsustainable. This is not because too much money is spent on the age pension. Australia spends an average of 3.5 per cent of its GDP on age-related spending against an OECD average of 7.8 per cent. Per Capita’s detailed analysis shows that unsustainability and inequality are the two emergent trends in Australia’s retirement income system.
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