Andrew Beer

An effective homelessness services system for older Australians

This research is part of a wider AHURI Inquiry into an effective homelessness service system and this project is focussed on the following questions: • What is the appropriate balance between early intervention, prevention and crisis services for older homeless people, and between specialist and mainstream services, in order to provide the most efficient and effective response to this group’s need

Housing Locally: A report on the Local Government and Housing Linkage Project national survey

This report presents the outcomes of an online survey of local governments across Australia into their attitudes, programs, policies and actions with respect to housing. The survey was undertaken as part of a three-year Australian Research Council Linkage project, in which a number of local governments and their representatives are active participants.

Is Housing a Health Insult?

Abstract: In seeking to understand the relationship between housing and health, research attention is often focussed on separate components of people’s whole housing ‘bundles’.

Ageing in South Australia 2016

This report examines the attitudes, expectations and strategies of agencies working in aged care in South Australia in 2016.

Homeless South Australia: A 2015 stocktake of homelessness issues in South Australia

Homelessness has been at the forefront of public policy debate in South Australia since 2002 when the Rann Labor Government was formed and established its social inclusion initiative.

Public housing stock transfer — impacts and implications for local government final report

This is the Final Report of a project that examines the impact of the South Australian Government’s announced program of public housing stock transfers to the community sector on local governments. The community housing sector in Australia is defined as not-for-profit housing and is made up of both larger and smaller organisations.

Our Homes, Our Communities: The Aspirations and Expectations of Older People in South Australia

This report brings together the outcomes of a comprehensive program of research into the housing needs and aspirations of older South Australians. This work extended over the period 2006 to 2008 and represents the most comprehensive analysis of the housing desires and conditions of older South Australians currently available.

Too Big to Ignore: Future Issues for Australian Women's Housing 2006-2025

This report was commissioned by the SA Women’s Housing Caucus to provide a picture of what housing for women in Australia will look like in 10 to 20 years time (i.e. from around 2015–2025).

Housing Models for an Ageing Population

This report outlines the implications of an ageing population in the City of Onkaparinga for housing demand.

The Housing and Other Service Needs of Recently Arrived Immigrants

This research has considered the use of housing and other services by recent immigrants to Australia. It has focussed on the relationship between housing, and housing assistance measures, and the use of other services by recent immigrants, as well as measures of their quality of life, vulnerability and satisfaction with Australia.
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