Housing in General

The health impacts of housing: toward a policy-relevant research agenda

Housing is central to our lives. And while it may be seen on one level as principally about shelter, housing importantly provides other benefits. Affordable, appropriate, and adequate housing is argued to have a marked impact on people’s health, their access to labour markets, and an array of other benefits.

Aging, Living Arrangements, and Housing in China

Grounded in a literature review, current living arrangements and housing conditions of the elderly in China are investigated with new empirical evidence. Survey data of September 2009 included a total of 692 Chinese households with a focus on elderly members.

Housing and health care for older people

There is an enormous impact of home conditions both on the health of an older person living with a long-term illness, and their ability to remain independent in the face of disability. Geriatricians are often called upon to give advice to older people with a new illness about where to live.

Inadequate Housing and Health: an overview

Abstract: For many years, the housing environment has been acknowledged as one of the main settings that affect human health. Living and housing conditions are the basis of many factors influencing residential health.

Housing conditions of the elderly in the EU

This report aims to provide an overview of the housing conditions of the elderly in EU countries, particularly in relation to other groups of the population.

Inquiry into decent and accessible homes for older people

For the UK’s 1.4 million people over the age of 65 with unmet care needs, everyday essential tasks like getting out of bed, going to the toilet or getting dressed are inextricably linked to their living circumstances and are often made worse by poor housing conditions.This might be because they don’t have the right facilities in their homes for a carer to be able to cook, clean or help with their
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