Emma Baker

Is Housing a Health Insult?

Abstract: In seeking to understand the relationship between housing and health, research attention is often focussed on separate components of people’s whole housing ‘bundles’.

Evidence on the Relationship Between Unaffordable Housing and Poor Health

This paper examines the relationship between poor health and poor housing affordability for Australians, to answer two essential questions for Australian policy makers: Does poor health lead to unaffordable housing? And does unaffordable housing affect people’s health?

Precarious housing and health inequalities: what are the links?

This exploratory study asks two broad questions: • Does poor health lead to precarious housing? • Does precarious housing (including affordability, suitability and security of tenure) affect people’s health? Older private renters (that is, people older than 65 years) were particularly vulnerable to unaffordable housing: half were in housing affordability stress.

Our Homes, Our Communities: The Aspirations and Expectations of Older People in South Australia

This report brings together the outcomes of a comprehensive program of research into the housing needs and aspirations of older South Australians. This work extended over the period 2006 to 2008 and represents the most comprehensive analysis of the housing desires and conditions of older South Australians currently available.
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