Andrew Jones

What's in a name? Similarities and differences in international terms and meanings for older peoples' housing with services

Discussion of housing for older people that is combined with provision of various support and care services is confounded by the lack of consistent terminology. The diversity of terms and meanings relating to housing with services for older people confounds systematic analysis, especially in international comparative research.

Addressing later life homelessness

The study aims to contribute material to inform policies to reduce older people’s homelessness. The set of projects presented in this report are explicitly intended to provide a foundation for policies around homelessness for older Australians.

Addressing later life homelessness

This report examines older people’s homelessness in Australia. It follows on from the earlier report Homelessness and Older Australians: Scoping the Issues, published in 2011. The research has been funded through the Australian Government’s Homelessness Research Partnership Agreement, administered by the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs.

Homelessness and older Australians: scoping the issues

This report is written in the context of the Australian Government’s long-term goals of halving overall homelessness and offering supported accommodation to all rough sleepers who need assistance by 2020. It focuses on the implications of these goals for one specific demographic group, older Australians.

Understanding the Essence of Home: Older People’s Experience of Home in Australia

This qualitative inquiry explores the experiences of community-living older people in Australia living in their home environment. Participants in this study stated that they were interested in the capacity of the house to support their many and varied occupations, particularly their ability to care for others.
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