Home Ownership

Assets, debt and the drawdown of housing equity by an ageing population

This Positioning Paper is the first output of a project that aims to uncover the uses, financial costs and risks of housing equity withdrawal (HEW) via alternative mechanisms by older Australians.

Housing equity withdrawal: uses, risks, and barriers to alternative mechanisms in later life

This project uncovers the uses, risks of and barriers to housing equity withdrawal (HEW) by older home owners aged 45 years and over via three alternative mechanisms: in situ mortgage equity withdrawal (MEW), downsizing and selling up.

Housing-related Well-being in Older People: The Impact of Environmental and Financial Influences

This paper uses a new database from Spain to empirically examine the influence of environmental determinants of housing-related wellbeing (housing satisfaction) among older people, alongside investment explanations, namely homeownership and housing wealth.

A better fit? Creating housing choices for an ageing population

This report aims to: Set out the evidence about older people’s housing at present: where older people are living, their aspirations and their attitudes about housing, particularly their attitudes to downsizing. Explore the social and economic benefits associated with providing more housing for older people. Make the case for increasing the supply of housing for older people and recommend policy

No home at the end of the Road? A survey of single women over 40 years of age who do not believe they will own their housing outright at retirement

Single, older women in Australia have emerged as a group vulnerable to housing insecurity and as being in danger of homelessness in their old age.

Housing implications of population ageing in Australia

The ageing of the population is recognised as one of the major changes facing Australia at the turn of the century. The future effects of population ageing can be anticipated because the next cohort of older people already are in late middle age. Similarly, the stock of dwellings in the housing market is long lasting and only 1– 2 per cent of additional dwellings are built each year.
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