Siobhan Austen

Housing equity withdrawal: Perceptions of obstacles among older Australian home owners and associated service providers

Housing wealth dominates the asset portfolios of the older population in Australia and many other countries. Given the anticipated spike in fiscal costs associated with population ageing, there is growing policy interest in housing equity withdrawal (HEW) to finance living needs in retirement.

Assets, debt and the drawdown of housing equity by an ageing population

This Positioning Paper is the first output of a project that aims to uncover the uses, financial costs and risks of housing equity withdrawal (HEW) via alternative mechanisms by older Australians.

Housing equity withdrawal: uses, risks, and barriers to alternative mechanisms in later life

This project uncovers the uses, risks of and barriers to housing equity withdrawal (HEW) by older home owners aged 45 years and over via three alternative mechanisms: in situ mortgage equity withdrawal (MEW), downsizing and selling up.
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