The Next Gen of Renters: Mom and Dad

This article presents findings from a US in-depth research study on renter demographics and found that, as the 60+ cohort grew bigger and faster, it also helped push the national median age from 36.7 in 2007 to 38.1 in 2017—the highest it’s ever been.

Retired and renting - the trend isn't comforting

The risk is growing that we will see more and more older people living in housing-related poverty. That is one conclusion of the Stocktake of New Zealand's Housing released this week.

Will you be renting in retirement?

The concept of retirees as mortgage-free homeowners is a problem for our current welfare system. Thanks to poor housing affordability, people who do own property are generally buying later in life and paying off their mortgage for longer.

Experiences of those aged 50+ in the private rented sector

The number of people in England, aged 50+ living in the private rented sector has reached a record high in recent times, at 1.13m in 2015/16 (compared to 651,000 in 2008/9). This equates to nine per cent of the population aged 50 and over (compared to 6 per cent in 2008/9).

Independent Living Units: Underfunded and Misunderstood

Australia has an aging population with diverse backgrounds and experiences; 37 per cent of older Australians were born overseas. Historical and contemporary privileges and disadvantages have impacted different Australians’ ability to gain and maintain employment, accrue savings, build financial literacy, contribute to superannuation, own property and prepare for a secure, enjoyable retirement in l

Rental warning: Falling home ownership rates set to bite retirees

Older Australians are falling off the housing ladder and face spending their retirement as renters, with the situation expected to worsen for coming generations. Senior Australians in the private rental market are “at much greater risk of financial stress than home owners, or those in public housing”, according to the Grattan Institute’s recently launched Grattan Retirement Incomes Model. Older

'Ticking time bomb': Older Australians face housing crisis

Australian retirees will face a housing crisis within 15 years unless urgent action is taken, according to the Council on the Ageing. It drew attention to the impact on older Australians of rising prices, rising rents, huge mortgage debt and the scarcity of suitable homes. The assumption that Australians retire in a home they own underpins the nation’s superannuation and pension systems, but thi

Supporting older lower income tenants in the private rental sector

Retired lower income households living in the private rental sector face rent increases and insecure tenure while being on low fixed incomes (i.e. the age pension).

Security in Retirement: The impact of housing and key critical life events

This research examines the wealth holdings of men and women at midlife (40–64 years old) and those who have recently retired, and the impact of some key life events in shaping that wealth. Approaching retirement and retirement itself can be a stressful and insecure time if the resources are not available for achieving a modest lifestyle in retirement.

Homeless Baby Boomers - Housing Poorer Baby Boomers in their Retirement

This report considers the challenges New Zealand faces with an increasing number of people reaching retirement age as tenants. These challenges not only include those around adequacy of income but also those around availability and access to suitable housing. In addition there is an overlaying challenge of the sheer number of people reaching retirement age over the next decade.
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