Summary Report

Women's Housing Needs in Regional Australia

This report outlines key housing needs and challenges for women through national research undertaken across regional Australia. It offers new knowledge and insights that are relevant for policy and key decision makers across all levels of government, community housing providers, researchers and the private sector.

'One rent increase from disaster’ Older renters living on the edge in Western Australia

Recent trends in Australia indicate homelessness and the risk of homelessness is increasing for low income older households. The Ageing on the Edge Project is a five year initiative (2016–2020) that aims to gather evidence and conduct research that supports a compelling need for better housing and support services for older people. This is the third report produced as part of this project.

The APPROPRIATE (Accommodation Provision for People of Retirement Age or Older, Predicated on Research and Investigation using Approved Techniques and Evidence) and RIGHTSIZING Study

This report presents the findings of a study for the Gwent Health, Social Care and Housing Partnership which researches the aspirations for appropriate housing solutions for older people in Gwent, which would enable them to live happily, healthily, safely and independently in later life. The report also describes the reasons why older people do not want to move to appropriate housing in later lif

Worst Case Housing Needs - 2017 Report to Congress

The report finds that severe housing problems are on the rise. In 2015, 8.30 million households had worst case needs, up from 7.72 million in 2013. These households are defined as very low-income renters who do not receive government housing assistance and who paid more than one-half of their income for rent, lived in severely inadequate conditions, or both.

AAA Housing for Older Australians- making it affordable, accessible, appropriate

COTA Australia 2017 National Policy Forum. The key understanding that underpinned the entire day’s discussions is that secure housing is fundamental to wellbeing.

Finding a Suitable Home for Older People at Risk of Homelessness in South Australia Summary Report

An emerging group of older South Australians on low incomes, the majority women, are living in insecure private rental housing paying unaffordable rents and just surviving on a pension.Many have lived conven onal working lives but find themselves in later life without housing security or affordability because they have not a ained home ownership or been eligible for public housing.Entering re reme

Meeting the Housing Needs of an Ageing Population in Wales: Report of Recommendations

This report documents initial discussions and preliminary recommendations which emerged from an expert workshop held in June 2015 attended by experts from Wales, the rest of the UK and other European countries.

Homeless Baby Boomers - Housing Poorer Baby Boomers in their Retirement

This report considers the challenges New Zealand faces with an increasing number of people reaching retirement age as tenants. These challenges not only include those around adequacy of income but also those around availability and access to suitable housing. In addition there is an overlaying challenge of the sheer number of people reaching retirement age over the next decade.

Ageing out of place: The impact of gender and location on older Victorians in homelessness: Pilot Study Summary

This pilot study, generously supported by a grant from the Mercy Foundation (NSW), aimed to provide insight into how gender and location affect the housing and homelessness pathways and experiences of people aged 55 years and over who have experienced homelessness or housing crisis in Victoria.
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