Housing insecurity

Preventing Homelessness: A Review of the International Evidence

This rapid review of the international evidence was designed to look for lessons in developing effective homelessness prevention from other countries. The review found three essentials for effective homelessness prevention. 1. Prevention must be part of an integrated homelessness strategy. 2.

How has homelessness changed between 2011-2016?

This is the first of three AHURI Briefs that examines Census data to understand how homelessness is changing in Australia.

'Isn’t there something awful about society, that so many people are praying for a house?'

Action needs to be be taken to help older people who are homeless or facing other housing issues, ALONE Ireland has said. The charity, which supports older people to live at home, today launched a campaign called ‘How will you pay the rent when you retire?’ It aims to raise awareness about what it calls “the hidden housing crisis among older people”.

La Opinión: Our homeless crisis is a housing crisis

The homeless crisis in Los Angeles is linked to a lack of affordable housing. The 2018 Homeless Count, found more than 9,000 people newly experiencing homelessness, and a sizeable jump among those 62 years old and older.

The disturbing truth you need to know about women's homelessness

Christine is a recently retired and now homeless mature age woman who has, like so many other retired professional women, little to no prospect of obtaining public or community housing, or being able to afford market price rentals. She is the convenor of the Housing Alternatives self-help action group on Facebook and the creator of the Housing Alternatives web site,

Retiring Into Poverty - A National Plan for Change: Increasing Housing Security for Older Women

Australian women aged over 50 are at greater risk of financial and housing security than older men. This has been linked to a number of compounding and systemic factors.

Worst Case Housing Needs - 2017 Report to Congress

The report finds that severe housing problems are on the rise. In 2015, 8.30 million households had worst case needs, up from 7.72 million in 2013. These households are defined as very low-income renters who do not receive government housing assistance and who paid more than one-half of their income for rent, lived in severely inadequate conditions, or both.

Diversity in older age - older homelessness

The characteristics of older homelessness can change rapidly over time and may differ significantly from place to place. This review will focus on older homelessness in England.

The Australian dream: Housing Experiences of Older Australians

With a significant and growing proportion of Australians aged over 65, the so-called “Australian Dream” is facing stark realities. In The Australian Dream: Housing Experiences of Older Australians, Professor Alan Morris goes directly to the coal-face, drawing on 125 in-depth interviews and comparing real world experience with the trends and needs of an ageing Australia. Those older Australians r

Seniors Housing - Issues Identification Paper

This issues paper considers the housing experiences of seniors in Auckland, with a focus on vulnerable groups (asset poor renters and owner‐occupiers in a financially vulnerable situation). Community and Social Policy have identified housing issues facing seniors to be an emerging policy area for investigation. Auckland’s population is growing, and becoming older.
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