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Women's Housing Needs in Regional Australia

This report outlines key housing needs and challenges for women through national research undertaken across regional Australia. It offers new knowledge and insights that are relevant for policy and key decision makers across all levels of government, community housing providers, researchers and the private sector.

An effective homelessness services system for older Australians

This research is part of a wider AHURI Inquiry into an effective homelessness service system and this project is focussed on the following questions: • What is the appropriate balance between early intervention, prevention and crisis services for older homeless people, and between specialist and mainstream services, in order to provide the most efficient and effective response to this group’s need

My Home My Place: Housing Needs of Older People Living in a Rural Community

The My Home, My Place project is a step towards understanding and addressing the housing needs of older people in rural areas, and a useful resource for anyone involved or interested in social or community housing for senior people. Guiding the design and delivery of this project were key objectives: - to identify good practice in the provision of housing for older people living in a rural and re

Waiting For The End In Japan's Terminal Villages

Japan has the oldest population of any developed country today. One in four people are aged 65 or over. This aging crisis has affected almost all aspects of life, but perhaps no consequence is more symbolic of this difficult era than that of the terminal village. There are thousands of these villages—or rather technically, hamlets—dotting the Japanese countryside.

Housing plans of the oldest: ageing in semi-rural areas in Sweden

Due to the out migration of the young from rural areas and increased life expectancy of the old, the population of these areas in particular is ageing.

Rural Housing for an Ageing Population: Preserving Independence. HAPPI 4

The Inquiry’s Statement of Intent was: “To explore the current housing needs and care problems facing older people in rural areas and to make recommendations to central and local government and other partners for solutions.” This report presents the findings and the recommendations from the inquiry.

Social Integration of Older Adults in the Periphery of Israel in Two Settlement Types

The study examines which variables are connected to social integration of older people in their living settlement; whether the type of settlement is connected to the social integration of older adults, and, also, what variables function as mediators in the connection between the settlement type and social integration. The findings show that older adults who resided in rural settlements were more

Rural Housing for an Ageing Population: Preserving Independence

This UK report presents the findings of our All-Party Parliamentary Group’s latest Inquiry: Rural Housing for our Ageing Population: Preserving Independence, the fourth in this series of “HAPPI” reports covering different aspects of housing and care for older people. Our underlying concern is with the growing numbers of older people in rural communities who will face a huge challenge to their ind

Innovative Housing Solutions for Ageing in Place in Maleny

Stable, appropriate and affordable housing provides the basis for healthy people and healthy communities, however, there is a fundamental mismatch between the demand and supply of appropriate housing options for older people to age-in-place.

Older Renters in the Western Australian Private Rental Sector: Strategies to enhance housing security for WA's older renters

More people are reaching retirement age without owning a home, and the number of older people residing in the private rental market is increasing.
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