Peter Mares

Build-to-rent: a potential solution to Australia's housing problem

“We are heading for a lose-lose scenario unless we supply the basic fundamental need of shelter for all, rich and poor,” says Robert Pradolin, a civil engineer and registered builder with a graduate diploma in property and an MBA. He is using his industry expertise to cobble together creative coalitions between big business and the charitable sector to quickly provide short-term housing in Melbou

A community fix for the affordable housing crisis

Australia has a pressing need for more social and affordable housing. More than half of all low-income tenants in the private market spend at least 30% of their disposable income on rent (and often much more than that). The best way to reduce rental stress is to build up the community housing sector, even though it currently provides less than 1% of all Australian dwellings.

AAA Housing for Older Australians- making it affordable, accessible, appropriate

COTA Australia 2017 National Policy Forum. The key understanding that underpinned the entire day’s discussions is that secure housing is fundamental to wellbeing.
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