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The Finnish Homelessness Strategy: From a 'Staircase' Model to a "Housing First' Approach to Tackling Long-term Homelessness

This paper reviews the Finnish government’s recently established Programme to Reduce Long-Term Homelessness, which is attempting to halve long-term homelessness over the period 2008 to 2011. It outlines the current homeless situation in Finland and describes the development of the present system of provision.

Our Homes, Our Communities: The Aspirations and Expectations of Older People in South Australia

This report brings together the outcomes of a comprehensive program of research into the housing needs and aspirations of older South Australians. This work extended over the period 2006 to 2008 and represents the most comprehensive analysis of the housing desires and conditions of older South Australians currently available.

What makes a community age-friendly: A review of international literature

This paper undertakes a comprehensive review of the growing international literature on age-friendly communities. It examines a range of approaches and identifies the key attributes associated with creating a sustainable environment for seniors. The authors critically evaluate emerging policy trends and models and suggest directions for future research attention.

Factors in social interaction in cohousing communities

Cohousing communities can be considered alternatives for living independently in old age. However, currently the factors that influence the success of these communities are unclear. Based on literature and case studies gathered by students a new interaction- model was created that shows the relevant factors on an individual level.

Housing and health care for older people

There is an enormous impact of home conditions both on the health of an older person living with a long-term illness, and their ability to remain independent in the face of disability. Geriatricians are often called upon to give advice to older people with a new illness about where to live.

Apartments for Life in Australia Lessons for Australia from Humanitas in the Netherlands

The Humanitas Foundation in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, has attracted international renown because of its achievements in developing the innovative Apartments for Life model of housing and care for older people. Under the leadership of Dr Hans Becker, Chair of the Humanitas Foundation, the rst Apartments for Life complex opened in the mid 1990s.

Homelessness Among Elderly Persons

When thinking about homelessness, the elderly people issue doesn’t immediately come to our mind.

Moving Beyond Place: Aging in Community

Western culture has constructed a continuum that positions institutional long-term care at one end of a spectrum, and an idealized vision of aging in place at the other. The challenge is to escape this false choice. This US article looks at a third way of aging - "aging in community".

“Ageing in Place the Way Forward” - Country Summary Reports

The International Federation on Ageing 2008 Montreal meeting selected the theme of Ageing-in-Place.