Age-Forward Cities for 2030

A massive shift is taking place in the makeup of the world population, and societies are already struggling to cope. By 2030, more people worldwide will be over the age of 60 than under 10. Cities are ground zero for the demographic shift—eight in 10 US residents 65 and older already live in metropolitan areas.

Extra Care Housing - the heart of the community in Porthmadog

Hafod y Gest is an extra care scheme developed in partnership with Gwynedd Council. It offers older people a superb opportunity to benefit from an independent lifestyle in their own apartment within a safe and supportive environment, with the added benefit of having a flexible 24 hour care service on site. The scheme aims to promote tenants’ health and wellbeing as well as their independence.

Age in Place: Home Improvements Room by Room guide

A resource for individuals/households considering aging in place (and what home modifications go along with this decision) vs moving to a different home or retirement community.

Report calls for ‘innovative thinking’ to match housing to older people’s needs

Ireland's Minister of State has warned that within five years, half of all new apartments and one third of new housing would have to be suitable for older people.

Home truths - Housing options and advice for people in later life: Learning from communities in Leeds

A person’s home is more than the building alone. Being connected to others is fundamental to a happy life at any age, and the environment around our homes must enable all generations to feel a sense of belonging to their local communities and to remain active and connected to others.

Waiting For The End In Japan's Terminal Villages

Japan has the oldest population of any developed country today. One in four people are aged 65 or over. This aging crisis has affected almost all aspects of life, but perhaps no consequence is more symbolic of this difficult era than that of the terminal village. There are thousands of these villages—or rather technically, hamlets—dotting the Japanese countryside.

Housing plans of the oldest: ageing in semi-rural areas in Sweden

Due to the out migration of the young from rural areas and increased life expectancy of the old, the population of these areas in particular is ageing.

Housing and accommodation for an ageing population: a strategic vision for Derbyshire to 2035

This document outlines the strategic vision for a range of housing and accommodation choices and support suited to meet the requirements of an ageing population in Derbyshire, UK.

Housing Options for our Ageing Population

The Irish Government's objectives in this Policy Statement 'Housing for an Ageing Population' focus on six principles: - Ageing in Place - Supporting Urban Renewal - Promoting Sustainable Lifetime Housing - Using Assistive Technology - Staying Socially Connected - Working Together
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