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Housing Options for our Ageing Population

The Irish Government's objectives in this Policy Statement 'Housing for an Ageing Population' focus on six principles: - Ageing in Place - Supporting Urban Renewal - Promoting Sustainable Lifetime Housing - Using Assistive Technology - Staying Socially Connected - Working Together

Housing Options for Our Ageing Population - Policy Statement

Ireland’s population is living longer than ever before and our older population is consistently growing in size. We need to be aware of the challenges it will bring us over the coming years in almost every aspect of public policy. Housing and health care will be no exceptions. We need to plan ahead to meet the accommodation needs of an ageing Ireland.

Housing Options for Our Ageing Population – Policy Statement

This article discusses the Irish Government's 2019 Joint Policy Statement “Housing Options for our Ageing Population". The Statement reaffirms the strong Government commitment to policies that support older people to live in their own homes and communities with dignity and independence for as long as possible. The Statement plans to make an invaluable contribution in helping to meet th
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