‘Ageing in neighbourhood’: what seniors want instead of retirement villages and how to achieve it

As we age, most people prefer to stay in their own homes and communities instead of moving to retirement villages. Some have gone so far as to say retirement villages have had their day. What’s needed instead is adaptable housing and neighbourhoods to help people as they move through life’s stages. Are the days of the retirement village numbered?

Elderly homeless in paradise, 52 per cent rise in older women accessing crisis services

The Gold Coast's St Vincent de Paul's Cornerstone Homelessness Prevention Service reported 27 per cent of referrals in June were people over 55, many were women over 60. The service is in the process of finalising plans for six units of accommodation in Arundel which will be specifically for this growing age group.

My Home My Place: Housing Needs of Older People Living in a Rural Community

The My Home, My Place project is a step towards understanding and addressing the housing needs of older people in rural areas, and a useful resource for anyone involved or interested in social or community housing for senior people. Guiding the design and delivery of this project were key objectives: - to identify good practice in the provision of housing for older people living in a rural and re

Innovative Housing Solutions for Ageing in Place in Maleny

Stable, appropriate and affordable housing provides the basis for healthy people and healthy communities, however, there is a fundamental mismatch between the demand and supply of appropriate housing options for older people to age-in-place.

Women over 60 the new face of Queensland homelessness, agency warns

Women over 60 are becoming the new high-risk group for homelessness as Queensland struggles to make up the shortfall caused by 49,000 fewer social houses being built since 2006.

Partnering for impact to reduce homelessness in Queensland

'Partnering for Impact' details the broad directions and initial actions to generate innovation and revitalisation in the Queensland Government's response to homelessness. The first step will implement 5-year service agreements for existing services.

Two pictures of rental housing stress and vulnerability zero in on areas of need

The article discusses Australia's Rental Affordability Index and the Rental Vulnerability Index. Definition of each term and policy use of the data using Queensland as an example.

Housing costs force Queensland’s age pensioners into poverty

Queensland couples who rely on the age pension and rent in the private market are at the greatest risk of living in poverty compared to other seniors.

Providing a sustainable living environment in not-for-profit retirement villages: A case study in Australia

In Australia, 40.1 per cent of retirement villages are not-for-profit. Not-for-profit developers face more challenges than private developers mainly because sustainable retirement villages need more financial resources, which is challenging for not-for-profit developers given their limited financial means.
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