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At Risk: 405,000 older women risk homelessness without urgent policy reform

Older women have a right to appropriate and affordable housing as a foundation for their wellbeing, however they are the fastest growing cohort of people experiencing homelessness in Australia. Older women’s pathway to homelessness is a gendered issue and a consequence of long-term systemic issues.

Dignity and choice An inclusive future for our ageing population

The ageing of our population presents a fundamental challenge for how cities are able to function. This report provides a series of policy proposals to achieve a more inclusive and liveable city.

High rents putting older people at risk of homelessness, charity says

In Ireland, older people are increasingly at risk of homelessness due to the cost of rent increasing but State pension remaining the same. Alone, a charity supporting older people, said one of the most frequent issues the organisation sees is older people living in private rented accommodation finding it increasingly difficult to pay rent as rates rise.

The 'housing story': An Australian Perspective

The traditional ‘housing story’ narrative has become increasingly out of step with an Australia where it has become more and more difficult topretend that the housing status quo is delivered for all.

Rental Housing for an Ageing Population

In our latest Inquiry, we have turned our attention to rental housing for older people, both now and in the decades to come. We wanted to find out how many homes for rent are likely to be needed over the next 20 years or so, what they should be like and who might provide them. Today only 22% of those over 65 are tenants (private or social). But this will change.

Housing America's Older Adults 2019

Within the US, the 65+ age group, most recent income gains have gone to the highest earners, and the number of households with housing cost burdens has reached an all-time high.

Housing Crisis: Young People Pushing Older Women Into Homelessness

Older women are Australia's fastest growing group of homeless people and the lack of affordable housing is a major factor in the rapid increase. The number of homeless women over 55 has increased by a whopping 31 percent since 2011. Other demographics of homeless people have increased by just 14 percent since then.

Housing costs 'crippling' for senior Australians

Two thirds of Australian women renters over 55, would find a rent increase more difficult to afford compared to the rest of the population. Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that women over 55 are the fastest growing cohort of people experiencing homelessness. The number of this cohort living alone is very high compared with the rest of the population.

‘I really have thought this can’t go on’: loneliness looms for rising numbers of older private renters

Loneliness is increasingly recognised worldwide as a critical social issue and one of the major health hazards of our time. Our research shows older private renters are at high risk of loneliness and anxiety. This is a growing concern as more Australians are renting housing later in life.

We’re delaying major life events, and our retirement income system hasn’t caught up

An article looking at the need to conduct an independent review of Australia’s retirement income system, in view of the fact that old age Australian renters have some of the worst relative poverty rates in the OECD.
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