Edgar Liu

Australian Homelessness Monitor

Key findings Australia’s homelessness problem is getting worse: Homelessness in Australia is outpacing population growth. Rough sleeping levels are increasing. Severe overcrowding is the largest group. Older Australians increasingly experience homelessness. Indigenous Australians are overrepresented. There’s increased demand for homelessness specialist services. The main reasons for seeking assis

Amplify Insights: Housing Affordability and Homelessness

Homelessness is not just rooflessness. We have seen the greatest increases in homelessness among people living in severely overcrowded dwellings; thus making homelessness increasingly hidden.

Amplify Insights: Housing Affordability and Homelessness

This report assembles the evidence, from official statistics, academic research, and other publicly available information about the lived experience of homelessness and housing affordability in Australia.

Downsizing amongst older Australians

The context of this research is the ageing population in Australia and its implications for housing and urban development. Ageing in place is a key policy response to population ageing, but this begs the question: ageing in what kind of place?

Multigenerational houses on the rise

In 2011, over four million Australians lived in multigenerational households where two or more generations of related adults live together.

Downsizing in Later Life: Myths and Realities Concerning the Movement of Older People in the Housing Market

In Australia, ‘downsizing’ has become a popular term to explain the movements of older people in the housing market.
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