Rhonda Phillips

Recent housing transfer experience in Australia: implications for affordable housing industry development

Focusing primarily on public housing transfers in Queensland, South Australia and Tasmania, this Inquiry analysed the associated processes and frameworks to reveal the lessons learned. The case studies reveal aspects of transfer practices such as capturing Rent Assistance-enhanced revenues; the transfer of ‘management’ rather than freehold title; and the absence of a role for tenants.

Preventing first time homelessness amongst older Australians

This study examines older people’s homelessness in Australia, with a particular focus on the experience of becoming homeless for the first time in later life.

Understanding the Essence of Home: Older People’s Experience of Home in Australia

This qualitative inquiry explores the experiences of community-living older people in Australia living in their home environment. Participants in this study stated that they were interested in the capacity of the house to support their many and varied occupations, particularly their ability to care for others.
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