Government Inquiry Report

Inquiry into decent and accessible homes for older people

The All-Party Parliamentary Group was established to engage with the political and legislative issues affecting people in later life.

Housing for older people

This UK inquiry has revealed that housing for older people is a complex topic covering the situation for people who ‘stay put’ as much as those who move and what they move to. There are a range of issues involved from home maintenance and adaptations to the role of housing in health and social care integration.

Rural Housing for an Ageing Population: Preserving Independence. HAPPI 4

The Inquiry’s Statement of Intent was: “To explore the current housing needs and care problems facing older people in rural areas and to make recommendations to central and local government and other partners for solutions.” This report presents the findings and the recommendations from the inquiry.

Rural Housing for an Ageing Population: Preserving Independence

This UK report presents the findings of our All-Party Parliamentary Group’s latest Inquiry: Rural Housing for our Ageing Population: Preserving Independence, the fourth in this series of “HAPPI” reports covering different aspects of housing and care for older people. Our underlying concern is with the growing numbers of older people in rural communities who will face a huge challenge to their ind

Retirement housing in Victoria: Working together - resident protections and industry viability

On 8 June 2017, 24 representatives from resident advocacy groups, universities, industry, ombudsman schemes, government agencies and regulators met in Melbourne at an Experts’ Forum to discuss the future of retirement housing regulation in Victoria. The Experts’ Forum was convened to consider three key issues arising from the Inquiry’s final report: • Reviewing the Retirement Villages Act 1986 (V

Inquiry into the NSW Retirement Village Sector Report

This report presents the Inquiry into the NSW Retirement Village;s findings and makes 17 recommendations to improve the legislative framework for retirement villages and the operational practices of both the industry and the regulator, NSW Fair Trading. It recommned that the operation of the retirement village sector be improved in three key areas: - increasing the transparency of exit fees and

Chapter 9: Housing and economic security in retirement

This chapter of the report 'A husband is not a retirement plan' - Achieving economic security for women in retirement (Commonwealth of Australia, 2016), discusses the increase in the number of Australians, particularly women, who are relying on private rental accommodation in retirement. A number of participants in the inquiry highlighted the interrelationship between housing and econom

The Case for Co-operative and Mutual Housing for Older People

This submission to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Housing and Care’s inquiry into the future of retirement housing is from CDS Co-operatives: the largest developer and supporter of housing co-operatives in England. The inquiry is focusing on the progress made since the publication of the report by the Housing our Ageing Population Panel for Innovation at the end of 2009.

All Party Parliamentary Group on housing and care for Older People - Living Well At Home Inquiry

Amidst the national interest in the growing need for care and support for the UK's ageing population, this report highlights the importance of the home in the current debate.
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