Approaches to Successful Aging in Community from 25 Countries

The desire to remain in our homes and communities as we age is felt around the world. As the global population gets permanently older, housing and housing-related supports must keep pace with this profound demographic change. This report from Grantmakers In Aging, a Washington, DC-based membership organization of philanthropies, seeks to capture a range of promising approaches to aging in community being used around the world. Many different models, pilots, and grassroots efforts are sometimes short-handed as “age-friendly housing.” Approaches from around the world are explored here according to the following six themes: • The many ways of sharing housing; • Approaches for retrofitting existing homes; • Approaches to building new structures; • Policies and practices for supporting people so they can live at home; • Monitoring and other technology-based approaches; and • Incentivizing positive behaviors through zoning, policy, and funding.