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Living Arrangements, Changes in Living Arrangements, and Survival Among Community Dwelling Older Adults

Both the number and proportion of older community-dwelling adults who live alone have increased dramatically in the US since 1960. In general, the ability to remain independent and live alone is associated with a high quality of life among older adults.

The meaning of home

The need for a practical understanding of homeless women's lives motivates and underpins the life history and experiential approach adopted in this study. Homelessness is seen as a life process and the lives of homeless women, and the stories they tell about their lives, are experienced and specified in terms that are appropriate to social understanding.

Background Paper. Older women experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness. Melbourne.

This Background Paper provides a summary of the research evidence, service provider experiences and feedback, current Australian statistics, and current Australian services. The aim of this paper is to provide an introduction to the diverse experiences and needs of older women who are experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness.

Elderly Homeless Men and Women: Aged Care's Forgotten People

Abstract In spite of Australia having an aged-care system that provides a wide range of residential and community-based, aged-care services to elderly men and women, which are appropriately monitored and audited, homeless people have historically found it difficult or impossible to access those services.

Homeless at home? Analysing the housing needs and insecurities of single, older, non-homeowning women

While it remains a relatively invisible issue in Australia, evidence is mounting that single, older women are increasingly at risk of housing insecurity and homelessness. This research looks at women’s housing preferences and aims to understand what makes them vulnerable to housing insecurity.

Communities and Old Age: Opportunities and Challenges for People over 50

Being part of an intentional community in old age is a way to challenge the isolation and social exclusion that many older people experience in our youth-oriented western societies. This article discusses a variety of intentional community models from a female perspective.