Bruce Judd

Downsizing amongst older Australians

The context of this research is the ageing population in Australia and its implications for housing and urban development. Ageing in place is a key policy response to population ageing, but this begs the question: ageing in what kind of place?

Downsizing in Later Life: Myths and Realities Concerning the Movement of Older People in the Housing Market

In Australia, ‘downsizing’ has become a popular term to explain the movements of older people in the housing market.

Understanding housing and location choices of retiring Australians in the ‘baby boom’ generation

This scoping review provides a brief literature review with the aim of helping build a better understanding of how the choices, constraints, behaviours and expectations of the ‘baby boom’ generation influence their decisions and outcomes regarding housing and location. Research recommendations for further consideration are also mapped out.

Making Do: Housing Quality and Affordability in the Low to Moderate Income Specific Housing Sector

Better cities require integrated planning and monitoring across the board that is inclusive of age-specific housing. Australia’s ageing population presents a number of challenges for provision of appropriate and affordable housing and care for those on low to moderate incomes.

Age-specific housing and care for low to moderate income older people

This report presents the final findings of a national, interdisciplinary research project into age specific housing for lower income older Australians.

Housing options and independent living: sustainable outcomes for older people who are homeless

This research was undertaken on the premise that there is a lack of understanding about the needs of older homeless people in Australia, despite the fact that older people on fixed incomes in insecure housing are growing in number and are at particular risk of homelessness or the need for institutional care. The research was guided by four questions: 1.
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