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Queensland: an age-friendly community - Action Plan

This action plan, which was informed by more than 9000 responses to our survey, outlines the Queensland Government’s priorities, initiatives and services that contribute to building age-friendly communities and supporting our strategic direction statement, Queensland: an age-friendly community.

Comprehensive National Strategy for the Homeless 2015-2020

The 2015-2020 Comprehensive National Strategy for the Homeless is the instrument proposed by the Government to address homelessness and create a comprehensive framework of action for this group of people. Homelessness is the most extreme result of social exclusion in our country and the most visible.

Long-term Senior Policy in Poland: for the years 2014-2020

A senior policy for Poland. It covers all areas of ageing, including housing and age-friendly communities. An objective in the housing area is to support universal design, including the needs of elderly people.

Age, home and community: a strategy for housing for Scotland's older people 2012-2021

The Scottish Government has a longstanding policy of 'shifting the balance of care', supporting people to remain at home independently for as long as possible, rather than in care homes or hospitals.

Older People's Housing Strategy

In the UK, an ageing society is one of the greatest challenges for housing, and national government has identified this as an area where significant changes need to be made, not only in the actual buildings but in challenging society’s perceptions of what housing for older people should mean.

A Better Place: Victorian Homelessness 2020 Strategy

Homelessness is caused by a wide range of social and economic issues such as: poverty, unemployment, violence, drug and alcohol abuse, mental health issues, poor education, and a lack of connection to family, friends and the broader community. To prevent and reduce homelessness those broader social and economic issues must be addressed.

Developing Appropriate Housing for Low-Income Older Persons: A Survey of Section 202 and LIHTC Property Managers

The rental housing crisis in America is having a profound impact on renters of all ages, including older residents. The federal government has responded over the years with a variety of housing strategies to help alleviate the problem.

Social and Affordable Housing Fund

The Social and Affordable Housing Fund (SAHF) is a $1.1 billion New South Wales Government initiative funding the provision of social housing. The Government is investing the money to provide a stable income stream for up to 25 years to boost social and affordable housing, with homes to be built over four years.
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