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Forget "downsizing", think "rightsizing" to meet older people's housing needs and aspirations

In the UK, many older people live in homes that are probably too big for their needs and budgets. If they were encouraged to downsize, and also given the choice of housing that would make downsizing appealing, they might well be persuaded to sell their home to a family who actually needs that sort of space.

Building Affordable Elderly Housing: How New Zealand's planning system influences market outcome

This paper explores the changing demographics of New Zealand’s elderly, the influence of the current planning system, and how planning has hindered the market’s ability to provide affordable elderly housing in areas of highest demand. It will then consider how the recently introduced Resource Legislation Amendment Bill 2015, through its recognition of the importance of affordable housing supply,

The Ache for Home: A Plan to Address Chronic Homelessness and Housing Unaffordability in Australia

Australia has a crisis in the supply of social and affordable housing. This is evidenced by the hundreds of thousands who are experiencing homelessness, on wait-lists for public housing, or living in severe housing stress. Taken together, the statistics tell us that across Australia there are over 105,000 people experiencing homelessness and 875,000 households experiencing housing stress.

Planning for an Aging Population

This paper builds on existing ROP policies related to aging. It is a stand alone policy section which would include a preamble that refers to the projected substantial increase in the seniors population in the coming years.

The Future of Housing and the Built Environment in an Ageing Population

This document reflects the discussions in a UK Government Office for Science meeting held to gather the views of a sample of people with experience in the issues raised by the ageing population, specifically housing.

The AHURI Inquiry on homelessness funding in Australia

The purpose of this Discussion Paper is to set the scene for the AHURI Inquiry on homeless funding in Australia which will examine, and provide evidence on, the financing of homelessness services and mainstream services supporting the homeless in Australia.

The Head, the Heart, and the House

This is a paper about older Australians and their homes. Homes are bricks and mortar and more.

Ageing in a Long-term Regeneration Neighbourhood: A Disruptive Experience or Successful Ageing in Place?

An important demographic development is the ageing of the world's population. On the level of cities and neighbourhoods, policymakers increasingly grapple with the question how to accommodate ageing in neighbourhood development and management.

Social Innovation in Housing: Learning from practice across Europe

This paper presents and discusses the results of a brief scoping study on social innovation in housing in Europe.

Future Living: A discussion paper identifying issues and options for housing our community.

Housing plays an important role in people’s health and wellbeing, in bringing communities together and in the shape of the city. Our aspiration is for an inner and central city where housing is affordable, well-designed and meets the diverse needs of our residents. Our housing has to be suitable for our residents as their needs change over their lifetime.
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